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03: Cloud Sync Utility



A great way to protect your computers against Ransomware!

If you are not currently protecting your end user systems against Ransomware, you are risking the loss of user data, as well as significant downtime.

Our CloudSure CSU (Cloud Sync Utility) can help ensure that you will not lose any critical data from a Ransomware attack. This tool accomplishes this by:

Backing up files to the cloud in real time (as soon as a change is made, it is committed to the cloud).
. Maintaining revisions of your backed up files so that the tool can “roll back” an infected system to a date and time prior to the Ransomware attack.
Performing a restore operation in as little as two hours to help minimize user/system downtime.


The perfect way to transition your file server into the cloud!

One of the most common questions from customers over the past year has been: “How can I transition our corporate file server into the cloud without having to migrate everything else at the same time?”

The answer is CloudSure CSU (Cloud Sync Utility). Hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudSure CSU provides a commercial-grade file storage/sharing/collaboration/sync solution that will:

Save your organization money over an on-premise file server and other file sync services
Provide a simple and secure way for employees to access company data whether they are at the office or on the road (no VPN required).
Extend the functionality to every computer and mobile device (compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phones).

How Does It Work?

The Cloud Sync Utility combines the following to provide your organization with a superior method for accessing your files in the AWS cloud:

A “brandable” account is created for your organization on the CloudSure platform
Configure your organization’s account to exert total control over the size and types of files that can be synced
Add Team Share folders to structure your file repository according to division, department, etc.
Migrate existing data to your new cloud repository
Add/import users to your organization (users can be imported from Active Directory) and assign them to Team Shares
Users install the Sync Application on their computer(s) and mobile device(s)
Files are easily accessible via a folder in Favorites (Windows and Mac), the mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and a web portal.
An existing file server can be enabled for syncing to the repository so that files can be accessed locally from the file server (in the office) or remotely via the cloud repository (outside of the office)

CloudSure CSU Web Portal

CSU Sync Folder


Business Grade FileSync Video
CloudSure CSU
Business Grade FileSync
pdf_download-300x262Download “CloudSure CSU vs DropBox” PDF

Benefits of CloudSure CSU

iPad App Main Screen

iPad App Main Screen

Platform can be branded for your own organization
Universal access to company data from all devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
Utilizes military-grade encryption to protect your data in transit AND at rest
All data is stored in Amazon S3, which has inherent redundancy providing 99.999999999% of reliability
Easy to share files with both internal and external users
Powerful control over file shares (including “Expiration of Share Link” and “Limit Number of Downloads”)
Run basic real-time backups of Windows and Mac computers
Ability to remotely remove shared data from a synced computer (e.g. for terminated employees, etc.)
Optional File Server Enablement feature allows you to extend an existing file server into the cloud
Outlook for Windows Plug-In allows users to email file share links without having to leave Outlook

What Does It Cost?

$15/month per user for 100GB of storage (storage is pooled at the organizational level)
Add bulk storage to your organization (100GB = $25/month | 250GB = $40/month | 500GB = $65/month | 1TB = $100/month)
Add $3/month per user for File Server Enablement
Add $2/month per user for WebDAV Access to the file repository (similar to a mounted cloud drive)